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Proven. Local. Reliable.

StartUp Box puts users to work making your software even better. We are 100% local and in your time zone. English-speaking, software-loving testers that put as much energy and care into your software as you do. Founded by a genius, staffed with passion, delivering on the promise. Proud to be from the South Bronx. In New York, of course.

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Quality Assurance

Our dedicated teams discover and report issues before they become problems. We prioritize relevant bugs, so that you can prioritize features over fixes and ship better software, faster, with confidence.

Community Support

After QA’ing your product we’re in a unique position to offer front-line support to your customers. We currently handle over 200 tickets per day for over 50M users.


Software Testing

Our flexible, on-demand workforce ensures your software is ready for the real-world. We use the tools you use (Jira, BaseCamp, Pivotal, Bugzilla, BugHerd) and make integrating our work seamless.

Market Insights

Our QA work positions us at the intersection of new technology and user desire. From that vantage point, we’re able to give you insights about how real people interact with your product.


Don’t off-shore getting it right

We’ve heard horror stories from our clients about working with vendors overseas. The truth is your product is too important to risk.

We understand you and your users, because we are your users. Cultural fit makes all the difference when you’re looking for the small details that make or break a product.

Your work matters.

We think having people who care test your software is critical. Talk to us, talk to our testers. It’s obvious that we care. We’re proud of who we are and where we come from, and you will be to.

We speak your language

We’re native English speakers, and digital natives. We understand your product as makers and as users. No translation issues here.


Protect your reputation.

Never hear “It worked on my computer” or “It worked fine in the test environment” again.

Our systematic approach to software testing is built to deliver real-world results. We test using the same conditions your users will. Using all the major platforms and devices, we get in front of issues before your customers do.


Majora Carter

Majora Carter won a MacArthur “Genius Grant“ for her work as an Urban Revitalization Strategist. Building on her experience in social entrepreneurship, she designed StartUp Box to grow tech communities in NYC’s Silicon Alley, with a focus on creating opportunities for low-status communities. See her TED talk here.

Learn more about StartUp Box’s mission.

Image: John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Clients & Testimontal

Torrance Robinson


“The StartUp Box team was a pleasure to work with. They are a smart group that offers outsourced QA with an in-house feel. Their communication and feedback was excellent and helped us at a critical time. I highly recommend them.

Steve Sadin

Head of Product

“Your Team had a huge positive effect on the TwoDots Android launch, and we’re very excited to continue the relationship.”

Caroline Huber,

Product Manager

“Since working with StartUp Box QA, we have not had to walk anything back after release, while our company has more than quadrupled in size.” 

Dimitry Paperny

Managing Partner, Cohere Studios

“StartUp Box did a very thorough job and helped us a great deal finding bugs and slow downs that automated tests missed.  Thanks for helping us launch”